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Who Is The Best Captain In IPL_ Top 5 Players To Hold The Title

Who is the best captain in IPL

People remember great leaders, great thinkers, great philosophers, and yes, great memers. But for the festive season of 2 months, only the best captain in IPL matters and nothing else. There was a reason people were crazy about ‘Captain Cool’, it just doesn’t take a good batsman or a good bowler to be a good captain. It’s not something that can be seen by records, it’s something that either goes in golden words or rather unnoticed. So, who is the best captain in IPL?

While the passion and challenges intensify as time goes down in the format of cricket. IPL, the ‘Megalodon’ of T20 cricket demands captaincy of commitment, precision, and some hard-boiled guts because trust me, it will take you through every hell of a ride on every ball. Let’s find out who is the best captain in IPL and do a countdown of the 5 best captains in IPL.

best captain in IPL

Who Is The Best Captain In IPL; Top 5 Players To Hold The Title

5) Virat Kohli (Royal Challengers Bangalore)

There’s no taste, fire, blood, fight, revenge, victory, or cricket (for an Indian fan) without the Virat ‘King’ Kohli. Being loyal to RCB since day one, Virat sometimes depressurizes his performance under pressure, and now before you stare at me with raised eyebrows, do check facts for once. Kohli took 3 seasons to heat his anger and let it out on the field. The wood erupted in 2016 when the King proved his worth by scoring 4 humongous hundreds being the only individual to score most centuries in a single season just to finish as runner-ups. You did good, champ. 

RCB has been mostly under Virat and the reason to involve him in this list is that he has led his team through some bottleneck matches to wins, whatever the outcome might be, the team played up to their marked potential sometimes even plus ultra. With 61 wins in 135 matches, Virat Kohli has the potential for the future and a winning percentage of 45.19% in present.

4) David Warner (Sunrisers Hyderabad)

This Australian batsman has what the young blood takes to exactly fit the phrase, ‘Go get it, tiger’. David Warner guided SRH to their first tournament win in 2016 as one of the most devastating openers across all formats, wearing an orange cap over 3 times and scoring more than 5000 runs. Officially welcomed into IPL by Delhi Daredevils in 2009, till 2013 Warner batted his way swiftly in the upcoming matches except for scoring consecutive hundreds in T20. 

After being acquired by SRH in 2014 and captaining the team since 2015, David Warner flag marched with his team to the winning podium in 2016 while being the highest run-scorer (848) through bombing 9 half-centuries. Now being replaced for captaincy by New Zealand’s Kane Williamson, Warner played only 67 matches, maintaining a winning percentage of 52.24%.

3) Gautam Gambhir (Kolkata Knight Riders)

Another parallel of coolness in this world of 22 yards, Gautam Gambhir is the definition of equilibrium, if anyone’s searching for it. Introduced to IPL in 2008 by Delhi Daredevils, he scored 534 runs in just 14 matches and became the second-highest run smasher in the introductory season of IPL. After spending 3 years there, Gambhir was sold off to KKR in 2011, which flipped the destiny of both of them. 

Knowing his potential, KKR didn’t waste time and had Gautam Gambhir be the best captain in IPL. Under Gautam’s captaincy, KKR came to the playoffs for the first time and then lifted the trophy in 2012 in which the best captain scored 6 half-centuries out of 9 by the team and made his highest score of 93 in IPL. After leaving IPL in 2018 and playing a total of 108 matches, the OG Captain Cool had a winning ratio of 56.48% which is pretty compelling.

2) Rohit Sharma (Mumbai Indians)

The new God of Cricket! I’m not saying it, google did but whatever the theories are no one can deny the fabulous player Rohit is. The ‘Hitman’ Sharma highlighted why he is acknowledged as a unique talent when he became the first batter in ODI history to score two double hundreds, and he now has three. In the first three seasons of the IPL, he was one of the most consistent batsmen, and he helped his old team win the championship in 2009. 

Bought by Mumbai Indians in 2011 and leading the team since 2013, this prolific run-getter has enlightened the spectators with thrilling matches as well as winning trophies for his team, 5 darn times! While having an average strike rate range of 120-130, Rohit made his team finish whatever challenge they took on and is right now the only team to win two IPL titles consecutively. With the winning rate of 57.6%, there’s a respected number of matches he battled (125).

1) MS Dhoni (Chennai Super Kings)

If there’s a single player whose presence is enough to encourage the team and scare the opponents at the same time, it is the one and only, ‘Thala’ Mahendra ‘Captain Cool’ Dhoni. Being born for captaincy won’t hurt this player’s fans as Dhoni has been captain of CSK ever since their birth. If we talk facts then out of all IPL seasons (leaving 2 in which CSK was banned, we’ll tell you later, why.), there was only one in which CSK was in playoffs, other than that you can always expect them to be either champions or champion-makers. 

The only player to have 3 IPL titles under his captaincy, MS Dhoni wears his shiny badge of excellence everywhere. Being a medium-high aggression batsman, Dhoni’s batting contribution to the team isn’t counted in runs but in strike rate. The champions of 2010, 2011, and 2018 in IPL, CSK is also the Champions League T20 conqueror in 2010 and 2014. Isn’t Dhoni the best captain in IPL? Achieving the highest winning rate of 61.41%, Dhoni tops the list of best captains in IPL, period.

Whew, after reading all these facts, I’m tired even of the thought of leading a group of friends, rest alone a team. Well, it’s true that earning big bucks has always been a pressurizing job but cricket is not just a sport in India. Cricket is a religion and IPL is a festival. You get to laugh, dance, enjoy, thrilled, cheer, celebrate, cry, and what not in few days and it all depends on the decisions of a few men. Next time, if you see any best captain in IPL walking by, don’t just shake hands, say thanks!

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