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most runs in T20 cricket


T20 is the new cricket format that is widely loved over. Also, T20 redefines the theme of cricket. It is like a movie with major drama and is high-paced to be enjoyed more thoroughly. Our batsmen played hard to make some great scores for the match. Some of our batsmen have mastered the art of having some great records in the T20 matches. But do you know in a severe competition among our top batsmen, who has scored the most runs in T20 cricket?

If we see the history of T20 cricket, we will get to know that our Jamaican legend, Chris Gayle, has made the most runs in T20 cricket. He has smashed the balls and is continuing on the track even at the age of 41. He is one of the batsmen any team could have. 

So, here are some of the top 10 batsmen who managed to make the most runs in T20 cricket. 


most runs in T20 cricket


Undoubtedly, he is a Jamaican legend and has made some unreal records that any other player may never beat. He has been an inspiration for many of the players as well. He plays with all his will and shows his fans some jaw-dropping moves which people cannot even imagine. Playing 449 matches in T-20 cricket and stands as the highest run-scorer for T20 cricket.

 Also, he has an unbeatable record for the highest individual score in the T-20 cricket field. He has made more than 14,000 runs in the field of T-20, which is just beyond appreciable. There are plenty of fans who go crazy for the batting skills of our player, Chris Gayle. Also, the player covered 87 half-centuries as well as 22 centuries which is not even near to any other player’s record in T-20 cricket. 


Another well-known player who has some genuine batting skills and is able to score most runs in T20 cricket. The player is currently serving his captaincy for the team of West Indies. He is in the second position to have the most runs in the history of T20 cricket. He is good at his batting skills and serving as the all-rounder on the cricket field. 

He is appreciated for every skill he shows on the ground. The player has scored more than 11000 runs in the history of T-20 cricket and still going on with his skills. In total, he has played 569 matches of T-20 cricket, and that includes some 56 half-centuries. 


He is the former captain for the team of Pakistan and is very much popular for scoring the most runs in T20 cricket. He has played from several teams in his journey of T20 and comes on the third position in the list of highest scorers in the T20 cricket. He played some 443 T20 matches and has scored 11,033 tremendous runs! Also, these runs include some 67 half-centuries as well. He has shown some amazing performances for his team and is consistent with that as well. 


This man has the most widely spread fan following and has genuinely created it. He plays with some great enthusiasm and zeal, which connects his fans with him. He has been a spinal cord for the Indian cricket team as well. He plays from the team of Royal challengers Bangalore. After seeing the overview, it is seen that he has scored 10,193 runs in his journey of T-20. He has made five centuries and 75 half-centuries for the record. His legitimate skills make him much more popular among the people. 


He is the only player who has earned the orange cap thrice in the IPL. His name is on all mouths when it comes to the T-20 cricket field. He has a great skill to score off both pacers as well as spinners. He is considered to be one of the best openers batsmen in the T-20 cricket field. Making 10,033 runs in the T-20 cricket and comes in the fourth position for making the most runs in T20 cricket. 

He played from the team of Sunrisers Hyderabad and has a great performance overall. He was making his most runs on the T20 cricket field and securing his position as well. 


He is a retired player now but has earned his great reputation after playing so well in the T-20 matches and making it a hit and success for his journey. He has played some 370 matches in his entire carrier and has managed to make 9922 runs in his journey. His strike rate remains to be 136.5

He has shown some lit performances in IPL and has made some enormous runs, making the player much more special. 


He is the captain of the Australian team and has made his game very much forward. He has played a lot of tournaments for the T-20 cricket and has also made his name in the list of most runs in T20 cricket. 

The player has scored something great, and he scored 9845 runs in the 325 matches he has played. There are 64 centuries as well, which makes a great difference. 


He played from the team of Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League and has a historical record of winning 5 trophies in it. He is a great leader for the team and performs his duties very well. He is an incredible batsman who has secured his position in the list of most runs scored in T20 cricket. He does his part on a great level and is genuinely appreciable for the player. He has scored some 9446 runs and also made 65 half-centuries as well. 

He stays in the number eight position for scoring the most runs in T20 cricket, but his journey is quite commendable with the performances he gave.