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The growing trend for the fantasy cricket apps has been seen massively all around the globe. People follow cricket more than any other sport; for that matter, the game has been made available for the fans and our gamers. There is an opportunity to play cricket on fantasy cricket apps by making your team. You can make money and win other rewards in these matches for fantasy cricket. How interesting is that? Playing your favorite game, having fun and also earning money with that. These apps are not just entertaining, but they give some chances to make money with your skills. There are some of the free entry fantasy cricket apps for you. 

The main question that arose in your mind would be which fantasy cricket app to choose and trust to play. There are multiple options in the industry, and which you should select. So, to make this easier for you, we have one of India’s best free entry fantasy cricket apps. That is Fantasy Dangal. 


Fantasy Dangal is a fantasy cricket app that has millions of users all around and has been the user’s favourite. The app shows some of the unique and modifying features that can attract any user or player from the field. The experience of users with the Fantasy Dangal app is fascinating for them, which is why they choose this one for their playing purposes.

What are the features that make the Fantasy Dangal app better than the other apps?

We told you about the Fantasy Dangal app, but what makes it unique from others? Let’s see.


The Fantasy Dangal app gives you this impressive referring and earning policy option. You must be thinking about what it is. It is an opportunity for you to make some extra money by referring or inviting your friends and family to play on this app. You will get an additional referral bonus for the same. And this happens whenever one of your friends or family members join the app with your referral code. It is an extra amount that you can win from the app. Also, it is one of the free entry fantasy cricket apps, and you can download the app for free and register your account to start playing. 

Trouble-free functioning of the app

The Fantasy Dangal app is very easy to operate for any beginner or user. You will find no difficulty in understanding the working of the app. You just have to simply follow the steps and start making your team and start playing. If you are a beginner in the game, start with the practice matches and then come to the cash leagues and win massive amounts of money from the competition. 

Just download the app and register your account to start playing. The process is simple, you guys! 

You can create your contests and also multiple teams in the app!

You can make your team and participate in any contest you want. You can even make up your own contest and start playing. Isn’t this an excellent option for you all? Also, you have this amazing chance to grasp the opportunity of making some multiple teams in the app. If you are a pro in the fantasy cricket, then trigger the other live opponents and make it a big win for yourself. You have this option to create multiple teams and win multiple times in different contests you are playing. You can double up the winning amounts by playing various contests daily on the app. Also, having Fantasy Dangal beside you can win up to Rs.1 lakh. Yes, it is true, my friend, so just download the app and start playing now. 


The app gives some significant information to the users about the players so that they don’t have any difficulty in making their team. Assembling a team is the most crucial task in the fantasy cricket apps because the players only make the user win or lose the match. So it is imperative to track the recent matches and performances of the different players to make it a win for you. So, the fantasy Dangal app gives you some updates about the players so that that you can have some good players in your team. 


The Fantasy Dangal app is unique in itself and the features it provides to its users as well. There are so many apps, but it is one of the most trusted and safe apps for the users. On the plus point, it is totally legal, and you don’t have to worry about that issue. So don’t wait. Just download the free entry fantasy cricket apps and start playing for your own fun and benefit.