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INDIAAAAA!!!! India is the first winner of the T20 world cup. 

The ICC T20 world cup is an International tournament for which the very first match was held in South Africa. It was held in the year 2007. It was held between India and Pakistan, and people were very keen to know about the results. People are always waiting for the matches of India VS Pakistan, and this was the first T20 world cup. It had made the hearts of people go crazy! 

It was the inaugural match for the ICC World cup, and it is terrific to know that team India was the first winner for the same. 



This T20 world cup is somehow taking place every two years, but the pandemic that arrived at the global level made some of the delays in the big festival. Firstly, it was known that it was planned that the world cup had to be conducted in India, but due to the fatal disease, the World cup was shifted to Oman, UAE. If we now see the overview of the winners of the T20 world cup, the maximum number of matches have been won by the West Indies team. The tournament has 16 teams involved in it, and then there are some finalized ten teams. They are ranked, and then the final match is done between the two finalist teams. 


Everyone knows the level of interest in the cricket match of INDIA VS PAKISTAN. India was the winner of the T20 world cup for this match. People are so enthusiastic about this one and have some different level of zeal for this match. The team of India played in the leadership of the most popular and the most favorite captain of India, we all know MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI. People go mad for this man and have an immense amount of love for this player. He holds the team and the whole game with patience, passion, and his whole heart. 

He created history by making the team the very first T20 world cup winner. 

2009 winner

Pakistan won the next T20 world cup, which was held after two years in 2009. England hosted the match, and the game was done between the two countries, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In this match, Pakistan was the winner of the T20 world cup. In this match, it was a great one, and Pakistan managed to win this one. 


In this match, England was the winner of the T20 world cup. The game was held between England and West Indies. England is known to be the first non-Asian team to make their title for the winner of the T20 world cup. 

2012 winner

In 2012, west indies were the winner of the T20 world cup. The team was at the score of 14/2, but after, when the power play was over, it was 32/2 in some ten overs. The team of Caribbeans defeated Sri Lanka. They did an excellent job in this match and won the winner of the T20 world cup. The team is genuinely a strong one and has won the maximum number of games in the T20 world cup. They create solid strategies and try to beat the team with their smashing performance as well. 

The team again won in the year 2016 against the team of England. West Indies is known to be losing only one match, and that one match was against the team of Afghanistan. Else, the team has consistently proved itself to be the of the T20 world cup again and again. 


The T20 world cup was not held due to the prevailing conditions of covid-19 and was postponed then and there. The conditions were not good in any country, and people were not ready to take this risk for their countries. They waited for the t20 world cup, and till the year 2021, it is not held, but soon we will see the players in the ground for their big match! People are also keenly and eagerly waiting for this match. Let us know who would be the next T20 world cup winner. Till then, just STAY EXCITED about THE BIG GAME!