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Cricket World Cup Winners List

Top 5 Most Recent Additions To The Cricket World Cup Winners List

Cricket World Cup Winners List:The Cricket World Cup will always be the Cricket World Cup, no matter however many elite leagues are introduced. The fact that it occurs only once every 4 years ensures that it retains its allure.

So, if people don’t get enthusiastic and watch the games while they happen, they’ll need to queue another 4 years for all the same. Since its inception, we’ve seen several nations registering their names in the cricket world cup winners list.

In places such as India, this sport has now become a cult. People from all walks of life link up to show support for the country’s success. The World Cup simply cranks up this passion for the game, magnifying these desires through a huge margin.

cricket world cup winners list

Let’s all concur that we can never get enough of Cricket. The aficionados will acknowledge that there is no such thing as too much cricket. Till the star athletes are playing, all else must be ignored except the game. Let’s accept that there will never be enough cricket superstars, and there will never be a thing called ‘too much cricket’.

List Of Nations That Recently Got Into The Cricket World Cup Winners List

5) 2019:  England vs New Zealand (Winner: England)

Following a deadlock Super Over versus New Zealand during the World Cup 2019 finale at Lord’s, England had been declared winners. The Super Over had been utilized for the first time in an ODI World Cup final. England made an entry into the cricket world cup winners list for the first time.

New Zealand reached 15 through the Super Over while pursuing 16 within that match. However, England claimed victory since they struck more 4s in the match as well as the Super Over.

England agreed to send Stokes with Buttler to confront Boult during the Super Over, and the duo collected 15 runs. Archer delivered the Super Over from England and performed exceptionally well. He confined the New Zealand Duo to just 15 runs, sparking tremendous applause in the venue.

4) 2015: Australia vs New Zealand (Winner: Australia)

Australia’s 5th title occurred versus the co-hosts New Zealand on home ground.

A total of 14 nations competed in the event, which had been divided into 2 parts. Even though the championship was held upon Australia’s swift and springy wickets, the batters embraced an offensive approach, particularly in the initial and concluding overs. In the contest, massive statistics of greater than 300 runs had been frequently achieved and pursued.

During the event, New Zealand owing to Elliot’s score of 83 enabled them to toddle to a mark of 183. After that, Glenn Maxwell suffered a run-out during the closing overs to head back to the pavilion.

Owing to skipper Clarke’s knock of 74 and his teammate Smith’s immaculate 56 runs, the Australian squad easily scored the needed 184 target for triumph. They got their names embossed in the cricket world cup winners list.

3) 2011: India vs Sri Lanka (Winner: India)

Memories of the 2nd April 2011 World Cup victory are still loud and clear in our minds.

“Dhoni finishes off in style. A magnificent strike into the crowd! India lift the World Cup after 28 years!” – Ravi Shastri’s words still echo in our minds and give us goosebumps.

Dhoni’s breathtaking 6 had us all in awe since we got our nation’s name in the cricket world cup winners list. India won the World Cup for the second time after 28 years.

He preserved his posture and observed the ball, meanwhile, Yuvraj started celebrating well before the stroke was declared a 6. It was nothing less than a Diwali celebration for the whole country.

The blazing performances by Gambhir scoring 97 and Dhoni gathering 91, countered out Jayawardene’s score of 103. The Indian batting line-up was unscathed and concluded with a booming 6 to secure the win.

2) 2007: Australia vs Sri Lanka (Winner: Australia)

The Aussies had made it to the cricket world cup winners list for the 4th time. This was the third 3rd consecutive win for Australia. The Aussies lead by Ponting won the championship by thrashing Sri Lanka in the finals. Gilchrist, the keeper-batsman, blasted an incredible 149 knock to enable his squad to accumulate a total of 281.

In the rain dominated weather, The Sri Lankans got off to a bad outset as Tharanga was dispatched for just 6 runs. With a 116-run collaboration for the 2nd wicket, Jayasuriya and Sangakkara endeavored to stabilize the game. The attempt was in vain, because the Aussie bowling line-up limited Sri Lanka to a score of 215 for 8 wickets in 36 overs, delivering their squad a 53-run victory (D/L method) and a golden place among the cricket world cup winners list.

1) 2003 : Australia vs India (Winner: Australia)

Skipper Ponting had been the guiding factor for Australia’s 2003 success. Before this tournament, Aussies had got into the cricket world cup winners list twice already.

He pummelled an uncontested 140 runs from 121 deliveries, featuring 8 sixes, as the Australian squad racked up an enormous total of 359-2. The legendary Indian lineup was couldn’t match up, with Sehwag at 82 being the only batter to reach the 50 run milestone.

The dynamics of McGrath and Lee seemed to be too massive for Rahul Dravid, who concluded with 47 runs.

The ICC Cricket World Cup has grown to become one of the most popular and eagerly anticipated cricket tournaments in the globe. Despite the fact that these nations play cricket throughout the year and get frequent cricket contests held against one another, the world cup continues to remain a highly regarded occasion.

It is attributable to the fact that it only occurs once every 4 years. The champions can brag about their entry into the cricket world cup winners list for the 4 years that follow or manage to keep the cup until the next champion arrives. The feeling of accomplishment and glory you get when your country wins the World Cup is considered one of the best.

The athletes might’ve been valued at billions in plenty of other competitions, but their significance for acquiring the World Cup is undeniably bigger. And why shouldn’t it be so glorious? You’re simply the World Champions.

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