Fair Play


We at FantasyDangal, as a Fantasy Gaming platform, take it to our prior responsibility of ensuring the culture of Fair Play within the Fantasy arena. Throughout the game flow of our application, we are fully aligned to the Supreme Court’s precision of ‘game of skill’ that includes a predominance of knowledge, training, attention & experience of the player. We do not encourage acts of gambling, betting, or any acts of cheating thereby making fantasy sports a legal and ethical way of enjoying what you love!

Fair play violation at FantasyDangal includes

  • The people you are referring to should be genuine and the user should not use any fake accounts to gain the “Refer & Earn” cash bonus amount.
  • The PAN card of all your referred friends should be verified.
  • A user creating more than one account on the FantasyDangal platform will be considered as violating the Fair Play Terms of FantasyDangal.
  • Withdrawing money by using any unlawful or illegal means or trying to withdraw money by illegal manners is considered a Fair Play violation at FantasyDangal.
  • If a user is found submitting fake copies or someone else’s documents while registering with FantasyDangal, it will be considered as violating the Fair Play Terms

Consequences of violating fair play terms of FantasyDangal

  • If any user is found to be violating the Fair Play terms will be blocked immediately.
  • Furthermore, in other scenarios, the total amount present in the FantasyDangal wallet of the user violating the Fair Play Terms of FantasyDangal will be reduced to Zero.
  • We ensure transparency & trust straight from our Team selection process to our withdrawal system backed up by our 24*7 Help & Support Centre to ensure you get the best fantasy sports experience. However, we do not offer services in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim, Telangana, Odisha, Nagaland and Tamil Nadu since these states are not permitted to play pay-to-play formats of any online games. To understand more on the Legality front of the Fantasy Sports industry, please tap on our Legalities Tab.
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