Download Fantasy Cricket App & Win Real Cash

The immense love for cricket among Indians is not hidden from anyone. This is the favourite game of almost every Indian irrespective of age and gender. We all have played cricket at least once in our lifetime. And this love has reached an all-new level with the launch of fantasy cricket app.

Keeping this deep Cricket love in mind, FantasyDangal has now made this sport better by providing an avenue for fans to engage with the fantasy cricket game. This is one of India’s biggest sports platforms and Fantasy Cricket App where users can experience the real thrill of playing fantasy cricket on app. The best part about fantasy game is that you can play it anytime, anywhere; even on the go with Fantasy Cricket App. Further, to ensure the unmatched gaming experience for the fans, the brand has also associated with various sports leagues and cricketers.

How to play on Fantasy Cricket App to win real cash?

  1. Use your sports knowledge and create a team
  2. With your team, score points based on real matches
  3. Take the challenge and beat another user with your team
  4. Win cash and other interesting prizes

What makes Fantasy Cricket App a perfect choice for you?

Easy Download

We save you from the hassle of searching for the app on Play store. You can simply download the app by entering your mobile number and can start playing the game. Once you provide us your mobile number, we send the app download link on your mobile. You just need to click on the link to download the app, install the file and start playing fantasy game on your smartphone.

Live Games

Not everyone likes playing cricket. There are fans who also love to watch live games. We have something for that audience as well. Fantasy Cricket App provides a list of finished, live and upcoming matches. Just click on the live match and you have the score, ranking, player stats, scoreboard and everything on your mobile screen.

Amazing prizes

Fantasy cricket is not just for entertainment. This also helps you win real cash. The safe and secure platform allows you to enjoy fantasy cricket at your leisure and make money from your hobby.


Not ready to play real matches or put your money at stake? No issues, you can start with practice games or private matches to learn the skills. It will also help you analyse and predict performance of other players to boost your chances of winning the game.

What are you waiting for? Get started right away! Share your mobile number now to get Fantasy Cricket App download link on your mobile phone.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

If you believe you are good at predicting the best performing players before a cricket match? Then, FantasyDangal is the perfect place for you!


On FantasyDangal you need to select the best players as per you and make a team of 11. These teams will compete based on the statistical performance of those players in actual games. The performance of each player wins you points. If your line-up scores enough points, you will win cash prizes, even if you don’t come first.

1) Choose a match - FantasyDangal hosts cricket matches from across the world, so you can choose any upcoming match that you want to play, whether it’s a Test, ODI, T20, or any other format.

2) Create your teams - You have to create your team of real-life professional players who you think will play well in the match, before the match starts. Once the match is live, your team will start earning fantasy points based on how your selected players perform.

3) Join contests - FantasyDangal has a selection of free and paid contests for you to enjoy in each match. Choose a contest that suits you and compete with others who are playing the same match to win big prizes.

On the FantasyDangal app, you will see a list of upcoming real-life cricket matches. Choose any match you want to play and create your fantasy cricket team of 11 players before the match starts.


When the match is live, you will earn fantasy points based on how your selected players perform in the real-life match.

FantasyDangal hosts both paid and free fantasy cricket contests for every match, where you compete with other players of FantasyDangal. The more points your selected teams score, the better your chances of winning contests.


You can even create your own contest with your friends and play with them.

A lot of people have won big sums of money at FantasyDangal, and you can too. Each paid contest has different rewards and if your selected teams of players perform better and score more points than others, then you will be rewarded with 100% real money.

Yes! Once you have earned money by winning contests on FantasyDangal, then you can choose to withdraw it directly to your bank account very easily, through multiple modes of payment.

Absolutely! The Supreme Court of India has stated that FantasyDangal is a game of skill, and thereby legal to play and win money through.

Also, the security of your personal details is of the utmost importance to us, and we ensure that your data stays 100% safe on FantasyDangal.

FD offers three exciting gaming formats on its app and website to help you explore your skillsets to match-winning dimensions. These three formats relate to three different disciplines of the game and we offer them as our preferred online variants so you could derive maximum advantage playing them. They are called Batting Fantasy, Bowling Fantasy, Classic Fantasy and Innings Fantasy.

Please note they all differ in elements like team composition and the number of free credits allotted to include players in your virtual squad.

You can pick your favourite as per your interest and get started with fantasy cricket 2021 leagues soon. Here are the three formats offered by FD:

Classic Fantasy

A Classic fantasy squad is a close match to a live cricket match team. A major difference is that you can select players from both the playing teams unlike the latter. This is a basic version of cricket fantasy online games.

  • You can choose a maximum of 11 players for your team.
  • You may select up to seven players from one competing team.
  • Captain and Vice-Captain have 2x and 1.5x points respectively.
  • You would get a maximum of 100 credits to create one team for an online fantasy cricket game on FD.

Innings Fantasy

Innings Fantasy is a fresh concept in fantasy sports where FantasyDangal 2nd innings allows you to make your teams after the completion of the 1st innings in all kinds of cricket matches, whether one day, test or T20 cricket matches. As a second innings fantasy app, FantasyDangal has begun a new journey where users can make their own team after the 1st innings get completed with more knowledge about the pitch, who does it favour, which all players can do well in the 2nd innings or beyond to win real cash in FantasyDangal 2nd innings fantasy cricket.

When you open the contests on FantasyDangal, you will see three tabs: Full match, 2nd Innings and Joined.

  • Once a match has begun, you can tap on the Innings tab and join the contests
  • Once you are in the Innings tab, select the type of contest you want to join and the rest of the procedure is the same as joining the regular fantasy matches.
  • As soon as the 2nd Innings starts, you can start following the Leaderboard, where your points and ranking will be shown

Fantasy Cricket has had a new revolutionary change on FantasyDangal with the inclusion of making your teams during the 2nd innings of a match or even 3rd and 4th in case of test matches. Now, you can make your teams after the match goes live and the 1st innings begins so now you have more knowledge about the nature of the pitch, conditions, the fact that whether this will be a bowling or a batting track. So, now with more knowledge than before, you can choose players accordingly for the 2nd innings or the innings ahead that can help you plan and win well in fantasy cricket.

This cricket fantasy game format is apt for those who are confident about making it to the top with their winning bowling squad. This game format involves creating squads with the best bowlers from each team to play fantasy league games. This should always contain at least one strike bowler who’s in great form.

  • You can select five bowlers, with up to 3 players from one competing team.
  • Captain and Vice-Captain have 2x and 1.5x points respectively.
  • You would get a maximum of 45 credits to create one team for a league.

This cricket fantasy game format on FD is best suited for players who prefer playing the game with only the best batsmen on board. This game format involves creating teams of five top batsmen from each team. The onus is on creating a balanced squad that can absorb the pressure and comes out good every time.

  • You can select five batsmen, with up to 3 players from one competing team.
  • Captain and Vice-Captain have 2x and 1.5x points respectively.
  • You would get a maximum of 45 credits to create one team for a league.

This three-dimensional set of variants is your shot to bigger wins on FD as you choose to play fantasy cricket in 2020 leagues here. Since you are already in-sync with the concept of cricket fantasy online, it’s about time move forward to learn the daily fantasy cricket rules to build our game up.

We suggest you choose a maximum of 3 to 5 Batmen and Bowlers, 1 Wicketkeeper and a maximum of 3 All-Rounders for FD’s Classic Fantasy variants. It would be great to include a high-performing Captain and Vice-Captain in each fantasy squad that you create for maximum advantage (regardless of the variants). It is so because they attract 2x and 1.5x points per player’s performance and can create the difference between winning and losing a game any day.

Please visit our expert Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks page to know more!

Choosing between Cash Leagues and Practice Contests on FantasyDangal is the easiest thing to do. We advise you to choose the latter if you are new to this online genre. In case, you know a bit about the game and the genre, you are most welcome to play Cash Leagues on FantasyDangal!

There is another way of maximizing your love for the game. You may play in FantasyDangal’s Private Leagues- and it is very simple. All you would need is to refer your friends to FD, ask them to download its app, claim your referral bonus and then offer your friends a unique Private League invitation. As and when they join, you all can start playing Private League with them!

FantasyDangal’s highly innovative and player-centric Points System ranks among one of the best in the industry. It caters to three different variants for those who play daily fantasy cricket in India. Please follow FD’s Point System page to know more about how you can drive maximum advantage per unit here.

This page offers detailed and updated information on how many points you may win for including a certain set of players, and how they would continue to get points for their performances in every game. These points are segregated across the following heads:

  • Classic, Batting and Bowling Fantasy
  • T10, T20, One Day International (ODI) and Test Matches
  • Runs scored, 4s and 6s hit, Wickets taken
  • Every 30, 50 and 100 runs scored by a batsman
  • 2-5 wickets taken by a bowler
  • Economy rate for bowlers
  • Strike Rate for batsmen

There is a lot that you can know as per performance and your winning rate from FantasyDangal’s Fantasy Points System. It is applicable across all games and variants on this best fantasy cricket portal.